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Cherokee 101, Fall 2014

The Cherokee language is dying. This course is one of many efforts to revitalize, maintain, and promote the Cherokee language.

Cherokee Speaking World is designed to introduce you to the Cherokee language and culture. In this course you will develop Cherokee speaking and listening skills.


First half of Textbook for Cherokee 101 SP15: pdf  Txtbk01Cher101SP15

018 Where do you live? pdf 018WhereLive110514 and mp3 018WhereLive download

017 Presentation of Self pdf 017PrsnttnSelf110314 and mp3 017PresentationSelf download

016 Tsi-/G- Set Pronouns 10 a-Vowel Stem Pronouns pdf 016TsiG10Overview102014 and mp3 016TsiG10Overview download

015 Tsi-/G- Set Pronouns Overview pdf 015TsiGOverview102014 and mp3 015 Tsi-/G- Set Pronouns Overview download

014 Agi-/Agw- Dialogue pdf 014AgiAgwDialogue100614 and mp3 014 Agi-/Agw- Dialogue download

013 Agi-/Agw- Verbs pdf 013AgiAgwVerbs100314 and mp3 013 Agi-/Agw- Verbs download

012 Do you speak Cherokee? pdf  and mp3 012 Do you speak Cherokee? download


010 How Many? pdf 010HvgaIyani092214 and mp3 010 How Many? download

009 Possession Sentences pdf 009PossessSntncs091814 and mp3 009 Possession Sentences download

008 Count to One Million pdf 008Cnt1Million091414 and mp3 008 Count to One Million download

007 Clothes pdf 007Clothes091014 and mp3 007 Clothes download

006 Who is the woman? pdf  006WhoWman090814 and mp3 006 Who is the woman?

005 What is this? pdf 005WhatThis082714  and mp3 What is this?


004 Basic Classroom Vocabulary:  004BscClssrmVocab082514 with Basic Classroom mp3

003 Sounds and Writing with mp3s:  003SoundsWriting081414

Download MP3

Download MP3

002 Handout and corresponding mp3: 002BasicGreet081414

001 Handout and corresponding mp3: 001DoDetsadoa081414

(We will reload mp3s so that you can download them by 8/29.)

05 Homework Tsi-/G- Set Pronouns: 05TsiG110314 (download mp3 )

04 Homework Agi-/Agw- Set Pronouns: AgiAgwHmwkPrvw100114 (download mp3 04AgiAgwSetPronouns)

03 Homework Shopping:  03ShppngDialgsHmwrk (download mp3 03ShppngDialgsHmwrk)

02 Homework Nouns Book:  02HmwkNouns091514

01 Homework Siyo! Book:  001HmwrkCher101SiyoBook082014

Cherokee 101 FL 14 Ongoing Dictionary pdf DctnryCher101FL14101514 (alphabetical by English gloss)

Cherokee Language Level 01:  We were at the Fair (10/9/14 and 10/11/14) with a Cherokee Language Level 01 to Level 02 Assessment.  We are working with a 10-point scale.  Level 01 is Absolute Beginner.  A Level 02 Language Learner should know at least what is on the attached pdf and corresponding mp3.

Level 01 Cherokee Language pdf:  Level01AsmntVocab101314

Level 01 Cherokee Language mp3:

Click this line to download mp3.

Basic Cherokee Language – A set of pdfs and corresponding mp3s that cover basic words and phrases of the Cherokee language.

Basic Questions pdf: TBBscQuestions    Basic Questions mp3:  Click this line to download Basic Questions mp3.

Basic Commands pdf: TBBscCommands   Basic Commands mp3:  Click this line to download Basic Commands mp3.

Basic Verbs pdf: TBBscChrVerbs   Basic Verbs mp3:  Click this line to download Basic Verbs mp3.

Basic Animals and Birds pdf: TBBscChrAnmlsBrds    Click this line to download Basic Animals and Birds mp3.

Basic Plants pdf: TBBscChrPlants   Click this line to download Basic Plants mp3.

Basic Time pdf: TBBscTime   Click this line to download Basic Time mp3.