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Cherokee 132

The Cherokee language is dying. This course is one of many efforts to revitalize, maintain, and promote the Cherokee language.

Cherokee Speaking World is designed to introduce you to the Cherokee language and culture. In this course you will develop Cherokee speaking and listening skills.

Syllabus: Cher132SyllabusSP15

024PPFinalOverview042314  (final review)

023PPFutureFinal042114  (final review handout by next class; audio and video pending)

022PPAssessmentPckg041614  (022PPAudio and video pending)

021PPAssessmentPckg041414  (audio and video pending)

020PPAssessmentPckg040714  (020PPAsmnt040714 audio, video pending)

019PPAudacityHmwrk040214  (audio and video pending)

018PPNouns032614  (audio and video pending)

017PPVerbOverview032414  (audio and video pending, class modified pp pending)

016PPActsVerbStrctr031914  (audio and video pending)

015PPActsVrbStrctr031714  (audio and video pending)

014PPTimesActs030514  (audio and video pending)

013PPDaysActs030314  (audio and video pending)

012PP5thWkRvw022614 (audio and video pending)

011PP5thWkRvw022414  (audio and video pending)

010PPStemOvrvw021914 (audio pending, click to view/download earlier version video)

009PPCher132ActBng021214 (audio and video pending)

008PPCher132TsiGActs021014 (audio and video pending)

007PPCher132TsiG020514 (audio and video pending)

006PPCher132AgiAgw020314 (audio and video pending)

005PPCher132ActMnlogues012914 (audio and video click open or right click download)

004PPCher132TsiGRvw012214 (004PPAudio and 004PPVideo)


010 Relationship Nouns: 010FamilyPronouns100112

009 Times:  009TimeDialogueAnswer110911

008 Habitual Acts at Different Times:  008HabActsAtTimes021014

007 Habitual Acts at Different Times:  007HabActsAtTime030711

006 Bingo Activities in 3rd Singular Present and Imperfective Habitual: 006ActBngImpfHab021014

005 Bingo Activities in 3rd Singular Present and 1st Singular Present: 005ActBingo020514

004 Assorted Objects Sentences:  004SntncDvlpmnt012214

003 Personal Presentation:  003PrsntExpntn090711

002 Classroom Vocabulary:  002ClsrmVocab010814

001 Possession Vocabulary:  001PssnVcblryAlph010814

001: Vocabulary [Animate, Solid, Flexible, Long/Rigid, Liquid]


Quiz 01 Preview pdf: 01BasicCherQzPrvw011615

Quiz 01 Preview mp3:  01 Basic Cherokee Quiz Preview