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Cherokee 231, Fall 2014

The Cherokee language is dying. This course is one of many efforts to revitalize, maintain, and promote the Cherokee language.

Cherokee Speaking World is designed to introduce you to the Cherokee language and culture. In this course you will develop Cherokee speaking and listening skills.


025 Final Exam Review:  025PP231FL14ExmRvw120314

(025 pdf 025PP231FL14ExmRvw120314)

024 Final Exam Review:  024PP231FL14ExmRvw120114

(024 pdf 024PP231FL14ExmRvw120114)

023 Punky Dunk Pre-Reading:  023PP231FL14Vocab112414

(023 pdf 023PP231FL14Vocab112414)

022 Punky Dunk Pre-Reading and Body Parts:  022PP231FL14KwvkiPre111914

(022 pdf 022PP231FL14KwvkiPre111914)

021 Punky Dunk Adjectives and Body Parts: 021PP231FL14Adj111714

(021 pdf 021PP231FL14Adj111714)

020 Midterm Info and ‘dance’ from Tsisdu nole Wahya:  020PP231FL14MidtrmVrbs111014

(020 pdf 020PP231FL14MidtrmVrbs111014)

019 Word Categories Particles Focus:  019PP231FL14Prtcls110514

(019 pdf 019PP231FL14Prtcls110514)

018 Narration Perfective Foreground and Imperfective Background: 018PP231FL14FrgrndBckgrnd110314

(018 pdf 018PP231FL14FrgrndBckgrnd110314)

017 MidTerm Preview:  017PP231FL14MidTrm102914

(017 pdf 017PP231FL14MidTrm102914)

Example sound:  Example 1 and Example 2

016 Cherokee in Context – Rabbit and the Wolves:  016PP231FL14RbbtWlvs102714

(016 pdf 016PP231FL14RbbtWlvs102714)

015 PP Transitive Pronouns 3sg ACT ON: 015PP231FL14Trans102214

(015 pdf 015PP231FL14Trans102214)

014 PP Transitive Pronouns, ACT ON 3sg:  014PP231FL14Trans102014

(014 pdf  014PP231FL14Trans102014)

013 PP Transitive Pronouns, Local Persons: 013PP231FL14Trans100614

(013 pdf 013PP231FL14Trans100614)

012 Powerpoint Tsi-/G- Set Structured Dialogues:  012PP231FL14TsiGDialgs100114

(012 pdf 012PP231FL14TsiGDialgs100114)

011 Powerpoint -ohwe:l- ‘write Base’ & Transitive:  011PP231FL14Trans092914

(011 pdf  011PP231FL14Trans092914)

010 Powerpoint 3 stems:  010PP231FL14ThreeStems092414

009 Powerpoint -adita- Drink Study:  009PP231FL14VrbRvw092214

(009 -adita- Drink Study pdf 009PP231FL14VrbRvw092214)

008 Powerpoint Dictionary Format, Tsi-/G- Set Pronouns:  008PP231FL14Dic091714

007 Powerpoint Verbs and Verb Dictionary Formats:  007PP231FL14Vrbs091514

pdf – 007PP231FL14Vrbs091514

006 Powerpoint Nouns & Verbs:  006PP231FL14NounsVrbs091014

pdf – 006PP231FL14NounsVrbs091014

005 Powerpoint Nouns: 005PP231FL14Nouns090814

pdf – 005PP231FL14Nouns090814

Click to Open or Download

004 Powerpoint Nouns:  004PP231FL14Nouns090314


Powerpoint file:  003 PP Syllabary 082714

003 mp3 Syllabary 082714

003 mov Syllabary 082714

Powerpoint file: 002PP231FL14Syll082514

002 mp3 Syllabary 082514

002 mov Syllabary 082514

Powerpoint file:  001 PP Syllabary 082014

001 mp3 Syllabary 082014

001 mov Syllabary 082014


016 Punky Dunk Verse 2 & 3:  016PunkyGldfsh112014

015 Body Parts pdf 015BodyParts111914 handout and pdf BodyCards060614 pictures

014 Punky Dunk Verse 1 pdf 014PunkyGldfsh111714 and associated mp3 014PnkyDnkVrs1

013 Particles (drawn from Tsisdu nole Wahya 011) pdf 013TBParticles110314

012 Tsisdu nole Wahya Condensed pdf 012RbbtWlvsCndsd102714 and associated mp3 012RbbtWlvsCndsd102714

011 Tsisdu nole Wahya Danihnogia nole Danalsgia pdf 011RabbitThreeWolves102214 and associated mp3 011 Tsisdu nole Wahya

010 Transitive Pronouns 3sg ACTS ON focus:  pending

009 Transitive Pronouns ACT ON 3sg focus:  009TransActOn3sg102014

008 Pronoun featuring 3rd Person:  008RvwTrnsPrns100814

007 -sdel- ‘help Base’ Local Persons:  007HelpFrstScnd100614

006 Drink Study:  006Drink092214

005 Ongoing Dictionary:  005OnGoingDic091514

004 Review of Possessed Nouns:  004PrnnClthsBdyPrts090814

001 to 003 Syllabary Bingo Games:  001 Syllabary Bingo Games

005 Sing in Tsisdu nole Wahya Due 11/24/14:  pdf 05HmwkSing111314 and mp3 05HwkSingDue112414

004 Homework Due 10/8:  04TsiGStrctrdDialgs100114

004 Tsi/G Structured Dialogues pdf 04TsiGStrctrdDlgsAnsw and Tsi/G Structured Dialogues mp3

00x Extra Credit Homework example:  090_01RomanFarms

001 to 003 Homework:  001-003 Word Search Homework

Final Exam Audio (Click to download:  231FnlExmAudio120514.mp3)

005 Dance Quiz Preview pdf 05QPrvwDance111314 and mp3 05QPrvwDance111314

Mid Term Exam Preview pdf  MidTrm231FL14Prvw102914 (Mid Term due Monday 11/10/14)

004 Tsi/G Structured Dialogues Quiz preview pdf 04QPrvwTsiGStrctrdDlgs102914 and Tsi/G Structured Dialogues mp3

5th Week Exam due Monday 9/22 pdf 5thWkExmCher231FL14; document 5thWkExmCher231FL14

Quiz 002 and 003 due Wednesday 9/24

003 Syllabary Quiz pdf 03Cher231Quiz0080714; docx 03Cher231Quiz0080714

002 Syllabary Quiz pdf 02Cher231Quiz0080714; docx 02Cher231Quiz0080714

001 Syllabary Quiz pdf

001 Syllabary Quiz doc

001 Syllabary Quiz mov

Cher231 Ongoing Dictionary:  OnGoingDic102914

Cher231 Noun Dictionary (let us know to add nouns): NounsDic092214

Cherokee Syllabary Reading Materials

Walker (1965) primer pictures for card stock print out:  000TotalWlkCrds080314

Walker (1965) primer:  WalkerPrimer

Cherokee Syllabary Printing Materials

Syllabary in Sequoyah’s Order Worksheets

First two pages of re-worked Willard Walker Primer