Courses & Cherokee Language Minor 

18 hours 

4 Core Classes 

  • Cher 101 Beginning Cherokee I  
  • Cher 132 Beginning Cherokee II  
  • Cher 231 Intermediate Cherokee I  
  • Cher 232 Intermediate Cherokee II  

2 Electives selected from the courses below 

  • Cher 310 Cherokee Literature  
  • Cher 351 Phonetics and General Linguistics  
  • Anth 450 Endangered Languages and Language Revitalization 
  • Cher 352 Advanced Cherokee Conversation 
  • Cher 471 Cherokee Transcription and Translation 


CHER 101 – Experiencing Cherokee and the Cherokee-Speaking World

This course introduces students to the basic structure and sounds of the Cherokee language with an emphasis on also introducing Cherokee culture as well. Students will be able to introduce themselves, describe themselves and others, and talk about their family in present tense.

Credits 3

CHER 132 – Elementary Cherokee II

The second course in the Cherokee language sequence. Students will be able to discuss their daily activities and when they do them in the past, present, or habitually.

Prerequisites CHER 101

Credits 3

CHER 231 – Intermediate Cherokee I

The third course in the Cherokee language sequence. Students begin to learn more advanced grammatical constructions, future tense, and begin reading in the Cherokee syllabary.

Prerequisites CHER 101, CHER 132

Credits 3

CHER 232 – Intermediate Cherokee II

The fourth course in the Cherokee language sequence. Students continue to master more complex grammatical forms in Cherokee and begin to read some Cherokee literature.

Prerequisites CHER 101, CHER 132, CHER 231

Credits 3

CHER 310 – Introduction to Cherokee Literature

The fifth course in the Cherokee language sequence. Students will read and analyze texts written in the Cherokee language.

Prerequisites CHER 101, CHER 132

Credits 3

CHER 351 – Phonetics and General Linguistics

Introduction to linguistics through the study of the Cherokee language.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor.

Credits 3

ANTH 450 – Endangered Languages and Language Revitalization

This course provides an overview of the causes of language loss and attempts to revitalize indigenous languages that are in danger of no longer being spoken. Students will develop a broad knowledge of the issues that confront minority language communities, particularly Native American communities, who want to maintain and/or restore their indigenous languages and cultural practices. Students will make observational site visits to local Cherokee language revitalization programs and events.

Prerequisites ANTH 120 or permission of instructor

Credits 3

Cherokee Language